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About "Your Favorite Links":

Thank you for visiting my website (YourFavoriteLinks.com). My name is Mario Puglia. I was born & raised in Brooklyn, New York. Having both of my children in college, I now needed a way to fill the void I had in my life. I always wanted to make my own landmark on the super highway of the internet. Having wanted my own websites for a variety of different projects; I decided it was time to build one. It wasn't until I recruited the assistance of my brother Sal Puglia of PLS Web Services (www.PLSWebServices.com), who helped make this idea trapped in my head a reality. He has worked long and hard to help accomplish make Your Favorite Links a useful easy to navigate website. For this I am deeply indebted & grateful. Hopefully, you will agree that my FREE website has made online shopping a more pleasurable experience for those of you who will patronize it. Being a shop from home person myself, I know how easy & convenient it is to surf the internet. But shopping from home can sometimes be a chore in itself. Have you ever spent endless hours searching for bargains & sales from retail outlets, wholesalers, etc? Or using search engines to try to find the correct website for the store you want to shop from out of a million search results? Now you can do it from Your Favorite Links "your" Virtual Shopping Mall.

Hopefully I will have put that shop from home crisis behind us all. This site came to mind when I found myself fumbling with my mouse trying to click on a link from within my browsers favorite menu. The endless number of times that I’d click on something I didn’t want because the sub menu had disappeared or a different menu popped up. I knew there had to be an easier way to do this. So I thought to myself, “Why not have a page which displays all of your favorite links?” So, here we are. Now all you need is one website to save & view all Your Favorite Links, which is easy to use & navigate; (not to mention cool).

And what makes my website different than all the rest is that you can manage which merchants you want to view as part of Your Favorite Links. Or you can just navigate through the dozens of retailers & wholesalers banners displayed to shop.

Now this is how it works. If you decide to create a profile (which we hope you do), you will need to enter your personal details, such as: name, address & email address. You will then have the opportunity leave a comment and tell us what types of websites do you normally shop from or what type of merchandise you like such as: travel, auto rentals, jewelry, clothes, department stores, books, music CDs, DVDs, TVs, cell phones, electronics, etc. You will also be asked to create a password. Your email address will be your username & your password never needs to change. This will allow you to login to my website where you can then select, save & display only the merchants’ links that you want to shop from on a regular basis. You will have dozens to choose from but never need to see them unless you want to. This will now facilitate your shopping experience by having all Your Favorite Links on one page. It’s like having a virtual shopping mall in the comfort of your own home.

Kindly visit Your Favorite Links as often as you like. This website & service is FREE. There is no cost to you, just the pleasure to be able to shop from home from Your Favorite Links. You will then be able to hunt for all those SALES, SAVINGS & BARGAINS. So GET READY TO SAVE BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So please be sure to refer my website to your friends, neighbors, colleagues and relatives. Visit often to check to see what new features we may have added. Please feel free to send your comments and suggestions. I value your opinions and look to achieve excellence in helping to serve you. May you find all that need when shopping for your home, office or business.

GOD Bless and Happy Shopping

Mario Puglia

Revised: 7/18/2007 8:12:08 PM